Author: theBATCLAM

We OUTLASTED Those Games!

Happy Wednesday! The week is half over, woohoo! This week I finished Outlast 2, and it left me… dissatisfied. It was mainly the ending, and the buildup duringĀ  the last hour/act that really I just didn’t care for. Overall though, the gameplay was solid and improved a lot of mechanics from Outlast 1, just the story was not nearly as solid. I’m really excited to try Little Nightmares out this week! I hope to see you all on my stream tonight at 7:30 pm, EST! As for books I read Bloodshot USA by Jeff Lemire, it was a great finally for his run of Bloodshot Reborn. It was nice to see a character,who has been thrown threw the ringer and tormented though issue 1 of his originally series, finally catch a break and get some sort of happy end. Other than that I just want to give a shoutout to all our latest patreons. You guys really help us keep […]