Author: theBATCLAM

Two Weeks

Happy DungeonMini Monday! So I finally put in my two weeks last week, and wow it was scary. My last day of work is officially the 27th (Day before my bday!) But Im very excited to begin a new chapter of my life as a freelance artist, producing better quantity and quality work will be great. The big one being Prints,Im very excited to get ┬áthe etsy shop rolling again with new art prints starting with the Overwatch print Ive been showing off the WIP of on the discord. I cant believe its taken me a year to make it, granted most of the work on it as been these last two weeks. Right now I have print plans for FNAF, Persona 3/4/5, Steven Universe and KingdomHearts 3. But Im ALWAYS open for suggestions! Also Gideons dad comes home today! Woohoo! We’re very excited to have him back from his major heart surgery almost 2 months ago, with his new […]