Author: theBATCLAM

Charity Stream Success!

Happy wednesday! It was an eventful week, last week was my birthday and I turned 30th! For those of you who were unable to tune in, we raised $300 for st. Judes on our charity stream! The BBQ the following day was also great, ,we got to see a lot of friends we haven’t seen in a while. As for reading material this week, I’m reading a story called The Last Contract. I haven’t finished it yet but its about an old retired hitman whose past is coming back to haunt him. He left the life of crime behind and retired into obscurity, however, someone has obtained a list of all the crimes he did for a mobster and it looks like he can hide no longer. For video games, my friend got me Injustice 2 for my birthday and I am excited to give that a try. Other than that I actually played a lot of Overwatch recently as […]