Author: theBATCLAM

Almost Full-Freelance

Happy DungeonMini Monday! This is it, the last week of me working at my day job. I am terrified, but excited. Wednesday is it, and then Thurs is my bday woohoo! Im getting my hair did 😀 SO yeah, I’m pretty much indefinitely open for commissions! And there are gonna be big changes to our stream schedule come mid-october, where I start streaming during the day. Mostly creative, but the occasional game. I may even stream during the day before then but I don’t want to commit to a schedule until NYCC is over and my friends wedding the week after. Oh speaking of NYCC Gideon and I will be working it! Friday-Sun, Thurs we’re going as guests. My new shiny overwatch print will be for sale, which I posted on the Discord and soon on my DeviantArt. Details one here we will be set up and etc will be posted closer to the con, but we hope to see […]