Author: theBATCLAM

Preparing for NYCC & Twitch Schedule Changes

Happy Dungeon Mini Monday! I can NOT believe August is almost over, wow what a month. Gideon and I are doing some big changes to the stream schedule this week! I wanted to update our panels over the weekend but got too distracted with commissions + comics. We’re moving my creative streams to Saturday, leaving us a less-cluttered sunday. Ontop of that we are adding Thursdays to the schedule and possibly making Wednesdays another Gwent-Dedicated day. All good stuff! Im also gonna start pushing my Overwatch Print again, as NYCC is coming up which will be the first show we’ll be working this year- a little late in the year, but our publisher said they are making a comeback which is great. But yeah, I REALLY want that print ready for the con so wish me luck. Wish me so much luck because I also need the super secret Patreon comic done next week weeeeeeh. Good times. Anywho, I waanna […]