Author: theBATCLAM

The Tick is Amazing

Happy DungeonMini Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend, mine was spent finalising today’s comic, and while I know it’s about Patreon, I do hope everyone has a good laugh and the fans of both our comics can unite! I’m other news I’m gonna be pretty scarce till mid october. NYCC is almost here so I need to finish my OW print asap. Like… in 2 weeks asap I think D: I also have commissions to finish but my list is getting smaller which is good because it means I can take more soon! So did anyone watch the new Amazon series┬áThe Tick?? Its based off an old cartoon and thus show does it so much justice. Please do if you haven’t it’s SO GOOD. If you liked The Awesomes on Hulu it’s BETTER than that and if you don’t know what The Awesomes is well go watch that too haha. Anyways I hope to see you all for community […]