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Author: theBATCLAM

Overtime Burnout

Happy DungeonMini Monday! Truth be told I’ve been a little stressed lately, very behind on my art work due to the overtime just completely burning me out. I might be quitting sooner than planned to because of that, and honestly I’m scared about it. I mean I’m excited too but scared, I just hate that I’ve been pushed into this predicament. But on a positive note I got a new 3DS game Ever Oasis that I’m really enjoying, I also finished Wayward vol. 4 but that made me straight up saaaad. Still recommend the series though, its about a girl who has an Irish dad and a Japanese mom who are separated, so she leaves her dad in Ireland to go live with her mom in Japan and finds out she has weird powers and stuff. Its like a series magical girl story, really digging it. I have also reopened commissions! Specifically Twitch Commissions, with the new Affiliate boom I’m […]