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Author: theBATCLAM

Emergency Convention Intervention

Happy DungeonMini Monday! I want to thank everyone for the love and support this last week between NYCC and this flu I have been absolutely exhausted, but I think Im finally feeling well enough to get back into a normal schedule. Also, sorry for todays late update but you can blame the flu! That being said, I WAS hoping to pick up on comics for Patreon this weekend but our publisher called us for an emergency convention… so NEXT weekend I’ll probably start hammering out comics. Other than that things have been well, Gideon treated me to some FFXIV since I made some good commission sales this week and it was such a good flu game to have man. Nothing but good ol’ PvE fun, love it. And I have a cute cat girl now weeheee. I am actually REALLY enjoying the game, it’s just a nice breath if fresh air after playing WoW for so many years. I also […]