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Author: theBATCLAM

EP9- The DAYD Middle-earth Stood Still

In this episode, Jack tells Daekon the shocking and often horrifying story of Andrew Blake, a man who created cults around several fandoms (i.e. Lord of the Rings). Blake seems to still be at work, attempting to infiltrate fandoms (most notably the Critical Roll community just last year), using the same tactics every time. This episode is meant to educate and warn people of this person, and everyone in the Call of the Void family strongly discourages and denounces any harassment or otherwise negative behavior toward any and all parties involved in this story. As always, Daekon and Jack urge you to dig into this case on your own, as well, to fill in whatever gaps there will be. We do wish to issue a warning to our friends in the trans community, however, that there are several people and posts that misgender Blake, which we at Call of the Void do not condone.   Here is a list of […]