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FRIDAY // MARCH 17, 2017

Happy Ferret Friday! Sorry for the late post, Gideon isn’t feeling too well. Regardless, I hope everyone has a great St. Patties day! Sadly, I have no St.Patties themed Ferret pictures today but I do have some very CUTE ones!


Happy Wednesday!  So Batclam and I live on Long Island and we were expecting about 2 feet of snow yesterday however it seems we missed it all and just got some snow with a lot of freezing rain.   Spent… (READ MORE)

MONDAY // MARCH 13, 2017

Happy DungeonMini Monday! Remember kids, don’t bluff dragons if you don’t got charisma. Its actually Gideon and my 10 year anniversary! 10 years ago today we started dating. Sadly nothing special is going on today because adulting, but we have… (READ MORE)

FRIDAY // MARCH 10, 2017

Happy Ferret Friday! Some off-ferret news real quick! Tonight we’re doing something a little different with the stream, come by tonight and YOU could walk away with some FREE ART! We hope to see you there @7:30pm EST! If all… (READ MORE)


Happy Wednesday! I caught the flu, again… so yay, In brighter news, it’s been a month since we started the comic! I’m happy with the progress and support we’ve seen so far, so thank you all for that. I’ve been playing… (READ MORE)

MONDAY // MARCH 6, 2017

Happy DungeonMini Monday! I want to thank all our new patrons and subscribers for all the support! Its been a great first month of being online and publishing comics, and it really gives me hope for our future work. I’m… (READ MORE)