Hey guys! Sorry for the late post, expect a complimentary candle from Edgelords in your mailbox soon! We hope you enjoy the extra long BB this week, maybe we can update to a panel size like this permanently in the future <3

It’s stillĀ been a little hectic for Gideon and I still, thank you all for bearing with us during this time. In better news, we’re gonna be at RICC soon! So if you’re going, we hope to see you there and will be updating with our booth info once we get it.

In other news we made our first Patreon Exclusive print, a Halloween Print of Beelzebud! I also ordered more Steven Universe prints for the Etsy, as well as my first order of Overwatch prints. Very excited! We also will be beginning design work for our T-Shirts, so definitely stay tuned for updates on that.

On the stream side, it seems Persona5 will finally be coming to an end soon, feels like we’ve been playing that game forever! Both happy and sad to see it go, but we look forward for playing our next game which you can vote for here!

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