Happy Hump Day!

Hey everyone, I wanted to once again apologize for the lateness of Beelzebud.  Unfortunately last week I had to take my father back to the hospital.  He is home again and safe now.  We’re fortunate to have a fanbase as wonderful as you all, who are understanding.  The well wishes everyone gave me on the discord was really helpful.

I haven’t been playing much video games aside from Persona 5 or Evil Within on Stream.  Really excited for Evil Within 2 & Cuphead.  For comics, I got to read Invincible The end of all things volume 1.  It’s crazy to think about how this ongoing series is ending after 10 years.  It’s good to see it finished but like all good things ending, is bitter sweet.  In case you haven’t read Invincible, it’s written by Robert Kirkman, it’s a story about Mark Grayson the son of the world’s greatest superhero Omni-Man.  It is a coming of age story from the perspective of Mark as he gains his powers.  Highly recommend it!


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