Happy Hump Day!

So the past week has been eventful.   I had a cardiac scare last week, but thankfully the tests came back good.   So most likely it was just anxiety and stress causing me chest pain.   While that isn’t ideal it’s definitely better than the alternative.   On more pleasant news Mass Effect Andromeda came out and I’m really enjoying it.   It has some issues that I feel could have been done differently but it ‘s nothing that destroys the gameplay.   I really enjoy the new story, it makes me feel like I did while I played Mass Effect 1 for the first time.  Mass Effect 1 was a game that captivated from the moment I saw screen shots.   It was really amazing getting to recapture that feeling briefly.

For comics I’ve been reading this week, I picked up a indie comic from OniPress called The Damned.   It’s a crime noir mystery set in the 1920’s era.  The hook, the mob families are actually run by demons.   A lot of supernatural elements, and the story flowed perfectly.   Definitely worth picking up since the first volume only cost 9.99 U.S. currently. In addition to that I picked up several titles from Valiant Entertainment including Ninjak Vol 5, Wrath of the Eternal Warrior Vol 3, & Britannia vol 1, I could talk for hours about how much I love Valiant Entertainment at the moment, it’s definitely a publisher you should all look into.

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