Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone had a great valentines day/singles awareness day.

Unfortunately I seem to have caught a bug, so Batclam and I stayed in. Buuut my darling wife did cook me a rib dinner and get me tons of Mass Effect and Hearthstone loot. Oh man am I excited for Andromeda, despite how I feel about how the original trilogy ended I’m excited to see the team take the series in a new direction. Seriously, I loved those games so much I played 6 files- one for each class.

So this week I played some Hearthstone and progressed up the ladder, I can’t wait to do some more gameplay this week on my Twitch channel. You can watch me Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridats at 7:30pm EST.

I also managed to read the first volume for Scooby-Doo Apocalypse! Which is published by DC Comics, and its a craaazy monster comic spin on Scooby-Doo where they’re in an post-apocalyptic scenario, where monsters are roaming the earth. Its a lot of fun and if you like weird twists on classics then definitely give it a shot.



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